DaDa NaDa

Called the "Wizard of Ozn," by the U.K.’s Music Week Magazine, Robert “DaDa NaDa” Ozn first broke both the Billboard Dance Chart Top 20 and MTV in 1983 with “AEIOU Sometimes Y” (Elektra Records/USA, Arista/UK), as the vocal half of the synth-pop duo EBN/OZN, pioneers of white rap and the now commonplace technique of computer music sampling. 
EBN/OZN are widely credited as making the first commercially released record (“AEIOU”) made on a computer in the United States – a Firelight C.M.I.  – in 1982/1983. Their follow-up dance hit “Bag Lady” hit the Billboard Club Top 40 with an MTV video starring the late Emmy Award winning, Tony Award nominee actress, Imogene Coca.

Using the alias DaDa NaDa, he cracked the Billboard Top Five in 1989, with the Hip-House hit “Haunted House,” which combined rap verses, sung choruses and a surreal, lyrical metaphor for madness, which according to MTV News, was the first House record by a white artist to ever cross over to a commercial chart in the United States. The follow-up single "Deep Love" also hit Number Five cementing DaDa NaDa's status as both a viable rapper and vocalist, a most unusual distinction. 
DaDa NaDa worked with the late Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles and DJs/Remixer David Morales, John Luongo, Mike Hitman Wilson and Bad Boy Bill, distributed primarily on OZN's (pronounced OH zen) own indie label, One Voice Records. 
Hacknowledges with deep gratitude the late Frankie Knuckles for boosting his career as he was one of his first supporters along with Afrika Bambaata who was the first DJ to ever spin a an EBN/OZN record, a test cassette tape of "AEIOU" at the Roxy. 
Other early US DJs were Little Louie Vega, Kevin Saunderson Derek May and Tedd Paterson;  early U.K. DJs: Graeme Park, Gilles Peterson, Mike Pickering, Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling.
Passionate about global "peace with boundaries," human rights, anti-terrorism and the rights of all people to express themselves freely without the threat of violence or prosecution, he was inspired by the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks, the November 2015 Paris attacks and the San Bernardino California killings and has just produced his first record in 25 years - the House Music track, "Je Suis Paris!" mixed by Gaydio DJ Richard Cutmore, who has had six Number Ones on the Billboard Club Charts and American newcomer Mntna. 
The chairperson of the Los Angeles Bi Task Force, a bisexual advocacy non-profit, he'll be releasing new “Je Suis Paris!" remixes in early August by Manchester's House of Virus and a new edit by Richard Cutmore to honor the memory of those killed and wounded in the Orlando massacre at the LGBT club Pulse.
"I could no longer stand by and watch innocent people be slaughtered. I had to do something. I'm not a warrior. I'm an artist.  I believe Love and Peace are the only roads that lead to an evolved Planetary Civilization. Music is my weapon to fight terror and it’s my palette to inspire peace and courage in all hearts. Having discovered that music is a part of my soul that must be expressed, I am back in music to stay." 

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